do iphones last longer than android phones

Which Is A More Durable iPhone Or Android Phone?

Do iPhones last longer than android phones? Some people believe that iPhones have a shorter lifespan. So apple designs frail phones to break down to lure consumers back to the store for repair and more sales.

The truth is that they do last longer. The reason behind this is Apple’s dedication to high quality. According to Zee Mobile in Vancouver, Canada. Apple iPhone has much better durability, longer battery life, and excellent after-sales solutions.

Apple increased the durability of Apple’s iPhone by providing regular updates. As a result, older apple iPhone versions perform better. To comprehend far better, below are some essential variables why the apple iPhone has longevity.

Why do iPhones last longer than android phones?

One of the most common reasons people replace their phones is physical damage.
Phones are prone to breakages, cracking, and also scrapes due to their glass elements.

Apple committed time and effort to make sure that their phones have much better resilience. They integrate brand-new innovations like “dual ion exchange” to make their phones harder. In addition, it uses Corning Gorilla Glass which is just one of the most outstanding glass materials for phones.

The firm also improved its phone’s resistance to dirt and water to make it last longer. A fantastic example of this is the Apple iPhone 11, which can endure underwater for about 30 minutes.

do iphones last longer than android phones

Everyone knows that the high quality of a phone battery breaks down with time. Unfortunately, it is just one of the first things that get damaged in a phone.

Apple has done a lot to enhance the battery life of the Apple iPhone. An example would undoubtedly be the iOS 13 upgrade that adds an “Optimized Battery Charging” function. This included feature assists in stopping the iPhone battery from breaking down.

Additionally, some of Apple’s most current phone models include a custom power monitoring chip. This chip allows your battery to provide more use time even if it declines.

Outstanding After-Sales Service

The majority of phone makers in the marketplace use a 1-year service warranty for their clients. This guarantee ensures that your phone is safe for the duration of the given period.

Besides the usual guarantee, Apple uses various solutions to secure your phone. These added services can extend your phone’s life due to extended treatment and also upkeep.

Regular Updates

Updates assist in upgrading your phone’s efficiency and quality. It supplies brand-new functions and functions that can boost the lifespan of your phones.

Apple offers more updates than other phone producers. It allows iPhone owners to update their phones more than Android phone owners. As a result, it boosts the quality of the services you get and prolongs the usability of your phones.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Phone

How Long Do Iphones Last?

Even though iPhones last longer than Android phones, they will certainly still break down in time. However, by following the tips below, you can extend the life of your iPhone.

Make Use Of a Screen Protector

Everybody recognizes that mishaps happen. For example, a busted display arising from an accidental decline can render your phone pointless.

Protect your device by using a display protector. 

It will certainly lower the danger of problems whenever you drop your phone.

Buy a Strong Case

Besides a screen guard, a phone case can increase the lifetime of your phone. In addition, purchasing it adds a layer of protection against damages.

Additionally, phone situations can secure your phone from dangerous aspects. For example, it can prevent dust and water from harming your phone, making it pointless.

Improve performance by removing unused Software

Mobile applications, as well as media documents, take up resources on your phone. Therefore, the more programs and documents that you have, the lesser performance you can obtain.

Simply because maxing out the storage capacity will make your phone less responsive.

To prevent this from occurring, you are required to remove files and also different apps. Doing this will release the storage area and the phone memory you need. In addition, it will increase the performance of your phone, making it last longer than typical.

Power Down Your Phone Frequently

Devices that run steadily without a break can affect the high quality of their performance. For example, a laptop competing for numerous weeks will begin to reduce and trigger delays.

Like any electronic gadget, we suggest that you power down your phone routinely. Turning off your mobile phones for a couple of mins each week is helpful. It will make your phone run much more successfully, which can extend its useful lifetime.

Final Words

Apple saw to it that Apple’s iPhone provides remarkable top quality and efficiency to its users.
It has numerous attributes as well as features that make it last longer than Android phones.
Sticking to the above concepts can extend the life of your phone.
You are required to do your component to take pleasure in using your phones for a longer time.

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