How To Use An Unlocked Phone On International Travel?

Get a cheap unlocked phone before travelling abroad
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You can use an unlocked phone on international travel for business or pleasure. Don’t worry about roaming charges. Instead, purchase a temporary SIM card and enjoy cheap pay as you go when you arrive, wherever it may be.

It would be best if you unlocked your phone so that you can utilize low-cost PAYG SIM cards.
but first and for most;

What does an international unlocked phone mean? 

  • It simply means you can use it worldwide and that the phone does not have a built-in carrier.
  • You should be able to get service anywhere in the world without having to jump through hoops. 

Most cell phones are locked to the carriers, for example, Rogers and Telus in Canada and Verizon and AT&T IN U.S.

Companies do their best to keep you in their network. But thanks to the new law in 2015 in the USA and 2017 in Canada, respectfully. Runners can no longer refuse to unlock a phone. 

While you can buy unlocked phones anywhere, read this article on Why Do I Need To Unlock My Phone?. Be sure to start the process a few weeks before leaving. Most carriers will give you the run-around.

Once a phone is unlocked for worldwide use. Any cell network in the globe will set you up. Then, buy a SIM card from a cell company, pop it in, and make calls.

One of the difficulties of using foreign SIM cards is that.

  1. You’ll have a new phone number that you need to remember. 
  2. Using iMessage will act unsteady unless you link your account to your email address beforehand.
  3. Using a foreign SIM in your call may automatically change the menu to the local dialect. If you don’t speak the word, get help from the seller. Or hope that the SIM issues with instructions in English. Additionally, specific settings on the phone may need to change (such as the APN) to get it working with a local SIM. A quick Google search usually solves the problem.

Can I unlock my phone myself?

You can find out by inserting a Sim card into your phone from a different network. Then, if the phone shows no error message “phone locked,” you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can use our unlocking service. We unlock phones on Canadian carriers: Bell, Rogers, Telus, to name a few. To schedule an appointment, please call 604 704 1798. Thank you!

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