Which battery last longer iPhone or Samsung

IPhone Vs Samsung, Which One Have A Better Battery?

iPhone Samsung battery comparison Which battery lasts longer, iPhone or Samsung?

Neither Apple nor Samsung has been willing to get specific battery life estimates for their respective devices. However, the Galaxy S10 offers “all-day” battery life, Samsung said. While the iPhone 11 will last “up to 1 hour longer than iPhone XR. (which had promised up to 15 hours of internet use).

However, we know that the Galaxy S10 includes a larger battery at 3,400 mAh.
In comparison to the iPhone at 11 3,110 mAh

Additionally, both the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 can charge wirelessly with a Qi charging pad. The Galaxy S10 also offers the ability to charge other Qi devices wirelessly. by placing them on the back of the S10.

Is the iPhone battery better than Samsung?

Perhaps you are in the practice of renewing your phone every year. But phones can last much longer than that. Like your car, they might need a repair now and then. battery replacement is one of the best repairs you can do on your phone. iBut most batteries aren’t user-replaceable. So how do you get one?

User-replaceable batteries are becoming increasingly expensive. And most smartphone manufacturers don’t go out of their way to let you know that you can get a battery replacement. For example, when Apple lowered the cost of iPhone battery replacements. It resulted in about ten times as many people replacing their batteries. Therefore apple sold far fewer new iPhones that year.

In recent years phone manufacturers have made it very difficult to replace phone parts. Stripped screws that are very hard to undo. Glue parts together, to name a few.

Don’t be discouraged. If you are a DIY, you can still replace your phone battery by yourself. Purchase an iPhone Battery Fix Kit and do it yourself for less.

Alternatively, you can visit a third-party cell phone repair shop.

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