What Is the Difference Between CDMA VS GSM Technology?

CDMA vs GSM Carriers, buying an unlocked phone.

You need to know the difference between GSM and CDMA phones and locked and unlocked phone meaning. So you know beforehand if your phone will work on their networks before purchasing the phone.

The reason being you love the new promotion by Koodo. A subsidiary of Telus runs on the GSM network. But the phone you have purchased runs on a CDMA network, For example, version or AT&T.

What Are CDMA AND GSM Networks?

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, and GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication.
Those are the technology that phones and phone networks use to transmit voice and data.

One of the most notable distinctions is that GSM phones use SIM cards to link a phone with their network. At the same time, CDMA phones don’t require a SIM card because the phone is in communication with the web all the time. 

With the widespread approval of 4G LTE networks, this has changed. But then, the CDMA vs GSM debate was only about 2G and 3G technology.
Now that 4G and 5G are the standards. Phone manufacturers like Google, Apple, and Samsung are creating devices compatible with all phone technologies. CDMA, GSM, LTE.

Will CDMA Phones Work On GSM Networks And Vice Versa?


If you have a device set up with GSM networks, it will never work on CDMA networks. Like Sprint or Verizon, even if it’s an unlocked phone.
Likewise, if you have a CDMA phone only, it won’t work on GSM networks.
Such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, WIND, Mobilicity, SaskTel and Videotron – run on GSM networks. 

The reason this is good news? Pages with GSM networks make it easier for their customers to swap phones because GSM-compatible phones use a SIM card.

You can unlock a phone to work on other networks, but it must be compatible with the phone’s technology.

How To Tell What Sort Of Phone You Have

So, you’re wondering, “Is my phone GSM or CDMA?” read on to learn more.
If you bought the phone from your carrier, you could quickly know by asking them.

AT&T and T-Mobile sell GSM phones. While Sprint sells CDMA phones, Verizon uses CDMA technology and sells phones run with both networks.

Also, factory unlocked phones manufacturer phones most likely equipped with both technologies.

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