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Why Do I Need To Unlock My Phone?

Why would I unlock my phone if I am happy with my wireless service provider?

Stop. wait till a better deal comes along. Besides, If you decide to unlock your phone at a later date, your carrier will do it for you. As long as your plan is in good standing.

Unlock your phone when you’re ready to switch. How is this beneficial?
Firstly the phone is accessible on other wireless networks.
Secondly, you can sell it a lot quicker.
Last. The resell value of the phone increases by 20% or more.

There are good deals on carrier plans if you shop around. For example, most networks let you save $10 or more per month when you bring in your phone.

You may have to pay off any unused Tab, But that’s to close your account. To unlock the phone, you are not required to pay it off.

The big three wireless carriers in Canada have sub-brands to target a younger demographic. For example, Bell owns Virgin Mobile, Telus has Koodo and Public Mobile, and Rogers provides Fido and Chatr customers. These companies have network and customer service at least as good as their parent companies and frequently for a lower monthly fee. If you move from a primary carrier to a sub-brand (e.g. move from Bell to Virgin Mobile or vice versa), you don’t need to unlock your device if you’re not changing networks.

Unlocking your device also opens you to regional networks, like Freedom Mobile, SaskTel, BellMTS and Videotron. The above pages let you roam outside their coverage area and across Canada.

unlock your phone so that you can make calls while abroad

If you plan to travel abroad when you arrive, visit a cheap wireless service provider. And sign up for a prepaid phone plan.
Some carriers will even let you subscribe at a daily rate. But, unfortunately, different carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T sometimes use different and incompatible technology. So call first to ensure it works with the network provider you plan to use.

is it safe to unlock my phone?

Yes Absolutely. the Locking of the phone is forced by your carrier.
You can’t switch as long as it’s locked to their network, which means pop in a sim card from a different page and getting service.
Unlocking your phone is an excellent idea because you get more upgrades. And is more secure.

Is there a downside to unlocking a phone?

No. Now and days the majority of networks in Canada and the U.S use GSM technology. However, you can always buy a phone that offers both GSM and the CDMA as a safety measure.

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